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May 16, 2019

I photographed Ava when she was a few months old so to be able to see her again after she’s grown so much is such a treat!! Girlfriend LOVES a good cheese face and she really loves to smell flowers! Not only did she come with her Mama for her session, but her Grammy got to come too which made for some SUPER sweet shots. And just WAIT until you see her perfect little pigtails! I mean…come on!! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen cuter ones!! She’s an absolute doll & I love having the privilege of photographing her!!

little girl walking with mom in nursery

little girl making cheese face

mom holding little girl in striped dress

mom holding little girl in dress

little girl giving mom a kiss

mom tossing little girl in the air

little girl smelling flowers

grandma holding little girl

grandma holding little girl in the air

little girl walking with mom in plant nursery

black and white photo of mom hugging little girl

little girl with pigtails and striped dress

little girl with mom and grandma

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