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May 14, 2019

You’ve seen this family SO many times on the blog already, but you haven’t met the newest addition!! I’ve photographed Abby’s engagement, her son’s maternity session & her daughter’s maternity session (I literally can’t get enough of these two nuggets), but this was the FIRST time I was able to photograph both kids TOGETHER! Dang…it was a workout ????. Trying to wrangle two small kids (one of whom wants NOTHING to do with your camera) is a serious feat. However!! I think we did pretty good – and Daniel got to have wagon rides around the nursery while his sister was photographed #winningattoddlerlife.

mom holding baby girl in flowered dress

mom holding baby girl in nursery

mom tossing baby girl in the air

mom kissing baby girl on the cheek

baby girl chewing on her hand

little boy running to mom

little boy running away from mom

little boy laughing running in nursery

mom holding little boy in nursery

mom holding little boy with plant

mom throwing little boy in the air in nursery

mom holding two kids in greenhouse

little boy in wagon laughing at mom

little boy in wagon and little girl in nursery

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