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May 21, 2019

Ok guys – I need an honest opinion here. Am I alone in thinking that on a 1-10 squeezability scale, Baby R’s cheeks are a 15? No? Cool. This little muffin rounded out my mama minis with her sweet mama, and I couldn’t have even contained my squeals about her if I tried. She was so cute (especially since she matched her mama!) and just the happiest little thing! She was pretty serious about her photo shoot at first but once we all started squealing non sensical words at her she lit right up!! See for yourself!!! PS: babies in jean jackets are my KRYPTONITE.

woman holding baby in a greenhouse

mom holding baby girl in the air

woman and baby smiling in greenhouse

mom giving baby girl a kiss on the cheek

mom kissing baby girl in jean jacket

mom and baby girl smiling in greenhouse

mom and baby girl in pink smiling outside of greenhouse

baby girl touching plants

mom holding baby girl in the air

mom holding baby girl in the air in greenhouse

baby girl sitting in front of white door

  1. laurie Vachon says:

    LOVE these pics!~ Thank you!

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