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How to Pick a Color Palette for Your Engagement Session I’ve chatted a few times about how to pick out your engagement session outfits (one of my favorite topics!), but let’s go a step further! If you’re struggling to find outfits that you love, try picking a color palette first. My photos are always on […]

Picking a Color Palette for Your Engagement Session

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4 Reasons You Should Book a Bridal Session It’s no secret that I LOVE a bridal session. Traditionally, they’re more of a Southern thing, but in recent years they’ve made a surge in popularity, and it’s easy to see why!! Not only do you get to wear your dress AGAIN, you get to do your […]

Why You Should Book a Bridal Session

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10 Tips for Planning Out Your Wedding Day Timeline Figuring out your wedding day timeline can be a REALLY daunting task – when it came to a rough draft for my own wedding I totally froze up – and I help my brides write them all the time!! Once you figure out a few key […]

Tips for Your Wedding Day Timeline

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10 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Engagement Session It’s always intimidating to have your photos taken, whether it’s a professional shoot or a fun iPhone photo shoot. Don’t worry though, I’ve got you!! Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your engagement session! If you’re looking for outfit inspiration, check […]

How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session

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I remember planning my own wedding and completely spiraling when I realized how much venues cost and all of the other assorted vendors we’d need to bring on board. I knew exactly who our wedding photographers were going to be (and literally emailed them as soon as we got engaged), and I wasn’t willing to […]

How to Save for the Wedding Photographer You Want

How to save for the wedding photography you want

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The number one thing that I get asked by potential couples is, “do you include an engagement session in your packages?” The answer is YES!! I think that engagement sessions are literally one of the most important parts of the package for a few reasons – -they help to get you and your fiancé comfortable […]

Why Should I Do an Engagement Session? | For Couples

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I’m going to say it – planning your wedding is STRESSFUL. No one tells you that when you’re headed into it full of optimism with a shiny engagement ring on your hand. However, six months into it when you and your fiancé are bickering over inviting his ENTIRE fraternity house, you’re going to realize it […]

10 Ways to Deal with Wedding Related Stress

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When it comes to picking the details of your wedding, it’s SO easy to get wrapped up in the tiny minutiae and then all of a sudden you’re completely OVERWHELMED. Believe me, I’ve been there. And it sounds silly, but your wedding bouquet is a very vital component! It’s going to be in almost all […]

Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

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