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I remember planning my own wedding and completely spiraling when I realized how much venues cost and all of the other assorted vendors we’d need to bring on board. I knew exactly who our wedding photographers were going to be (and literally emailed them as soon as we got engaged), and I wasn’t willing to […]

How to Save for the Wedding Photographer You Want

How to save for the wedding photography you want

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(If you missed Part 1, click here.) It was 2014. I’d been shooting on and off for 4 years and was my business was HEMORRHAGING money. I had little to no income coming and my bills kept coming in month after month. I was thinking about just shutting my business down and giving up on […]

Becoming a Full Time Photographer | Part 2 | Personal

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People always ask me how I got into photography and I suppose the simple answer is that I grew up with a camera in my face. My mom was constantly documenting our family vacations, shenanigans and every day life – and if you’re old enough to remember going to a camera store to drop off […]

Becoming a Full Time Photographer | Part 1 | Personal

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We got married last February, but decided to defer our honeymoon for a year due to time & budget constraints (yo, weddings are EXPENSIVE!). To be honest, I think a lot of people just assumed we’d never actually go anywhere and that we were just talking about going SOMEDAY. Last fall we decided we needed […]

Honeymooning in St. John | Travel

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Our tiny, sweet little 18 pound puppy is officially a 60 pound ONE YEAR OLD!!! While I want to cry because I can’t believe he’s already a year old, I love that he’s still sweet and cuddly but a little sassy and hilarious at the same time. He was a tiny little nugget with the […]

Jimmy’s First Year | Personal

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We chose to get married in late February & the best part of the whole thing was all my family & friends flying to the East Coast to experience a New Hampshire winter ????. Most of them had never seen *that* much snow before (when my sister came to visit in January she stood out […]

Wedding Weekend Fun | Personal

women laughing in snow

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I wouldn’t consider myself a “girly” girl, so when my bridesmaids asked if I wanted a bridal shower, I was like…”eh.” Well, fast forward a couple of months & I walked into the most beautiful little winter shower that I could have ever imagined! With the help of my fairy godmother friend’s mom (you’ve seen […]

Winter Bridal Shower | Freedom, New Hampshire | Personal

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Last winter during one of our many daily group chats, one of the Ireland girls threw out the idea of a traveling dress project. We all immediately jumped on board because – uh, why not? And thus, the HOF Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress project was born. It’s still not done (but check out the #hofsisterhoodofthetravelingdress […]

Mountaintop Styled Shoot | Eaton, New Hampshire | Janey



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