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Winter Trip to Iceland on Film I can’t believe that it’s been TWO years since I last went to Iceland, and a few weeks ago when all the photos were popping up in my Facebook feed, I realized there are a LOT of photos I haven’t shared from the trip!! I took my trusty old […]

Winter in Iceland on Film

Iceland waterfall in winter

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Over the last few years, I’ve learned how to plan the ultimate trip – whether it’s fully adventure based or sprinkled with relaxation and cultural events! From trips to Iceland, Ireland, St. John and domestic locations – it’s honestly not that hard, even when you just randomly pick a spot with literally NO idea what […]

How to Plan an Epic Trip | Travel

Budir black church in Iceland

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We got married last February, but decided to defer our honeymoon for a year due to time & budget constraints (yo, weddings are EXPENSIVE!). To be honest, I think a lot of people just assumed we’d never actually go anywhere and that we were just talking about going SOMEDAY. Last fall we decided we needed […]

Honeymooning in St. John | Travel

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In the fall, my group of girlfriends and I decided we should go to Iceland. In February. Mid winter. With 4 months planning. Oh, and did I mention it was 2 weeks before my wedding? ???? Once we decided to do it, the planning came quickly. 7 of us got together, rented 2 cars, a […]

Traveling to Iceland in the Winter | Travel

jokulsarlon icebergs iceland

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In July, I went on a retreat to Mexico with some of the Ireland girls & even though our faces pretty much melted off (I mean – Mexico in July!?), it was so. much. fun. The weather was hot and humid until a storm would roll in and then it would cool down for a […]

Tulum Ruins on Film | Tulum, Mexico | Travel

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You know when you meet certain people and you just *know* that they’re going to be a part of your life forever? My Ireland girls are some of those people. When I traveled to Mexico at the beginning of July, almost all of the girls were able to go and a few brought their husbands […]

Oceanside Couples Photos | Playa Del Carmen, Mexico | Michael & Kristin

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When we traveled to California this spring for my sister’s college graduation, we had a few extra days to spare & decided to visit Catalina Island. Growing up, we used to go all the time on our dad’s sailboat. Some of my favorite memories are on the tiny island (26 miles off the coast!) – […]

Catalina Island | Travel

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Years ago when I was looking for my first camera bag, I stumbled upon a very small company called the House of Flynn. They had a super limited selection of bags, but they were absolutely gorgeous (and so far out of my price range that I just dreamt about them for literally years). As the […]

Portraits from Ireland | Portraits

girl with blue hair holding camera



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