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purple and green wedding details

Zack & Lillian described the idea of their wedding to me last year at their engagement session and I was immediately hooked!! They had the SWEETEST celebration at the home of her parents friends with the prettiest reception in the yard. I’ve known Lillian for years (I did her senior photos!!) & it was truly the perfect embodiment of her ideal wedding day. From her untraditional wedding dress to the dogs of honor (there were 4 dogs in the wedding party, YOU GUYS) to the homemade floral hoops, it was the perfect day. Her mom catered it (she’s my favorite caterer in the the history of ever), and everyone pitched in to make it their dream wedding. Watching Lillian & her mom dance down the aisle to James Taylor’s “How Sweet it is” made me SO happy because in the end, your wedding day needs to be about you – and if that means you and your mom dance hand in hand down the aisle, then that’s what needs to happen. Despite the bugs (we decided we’d take the bugs over the blizzard at their engagement session), Zack and Lillian had the perfect wedding day, topped off by a giant cocktail hour/reception that lasted WELL into the night. You’re going to LOVE how their reception was set up – it was so great to see everyone mingling together the whole night, playing basketball, dancing, laying with the dogs & playing lawn games. Honestly, I wish more of my weddings were like this ????. Congratulations, Zack & Lillian!! I’m so happy that I was able to capture your wedding day & celebrate your love!!

wedding invitation suite with gardenia

pear shaped engagement ring

glittery ked sneakers

wedding invitation suite on silver tray

father charm

floral hoop with bowtie

wedding rings with green ring box

crochet top with purple tulle skirt

bride putting her earrings in

mom and bride looking at each other

bride looking at mom

handkerchief tucked in brides skirt

groom standing out in yard

bride in crochet top with purple tulle skirt

groom details with boutonniere

bride in purple skirt

groom laughing in yard

bridal portrait with tattoo sleeve

bridal party walking dogs down the aisle

bride walking down the aisle with mom

bride and her mom walking down the aisle together

bride and mom dancing down the aisle

bride and groom laughing during ceremony

dog standing during ceremony

wedding ceremony in front of red barn

bride looking at groom during ceremony

dog laying down with flower collar

bride and groom first kiss in front of red barn

bride and groom kissing during recessional

bridal party with dogs

dogs of honor laying down

dog sitting with bandanna

bridal party in backyard

bride and groom kissing with bridal party cheering

bride and groom with bridal party

bridal party and bride and groom walking

dog laying in front of groomsmen

black and white portrait of groomsmen

bridal party portraits

bridesmaids with ray bans

bridesmaids standing togehter

floral hoops with pink and flowery dress

floral hoops with purple dress and green shirt

bridesmaids floral hoops

bride and groom standing under tree

bride and groom kissing in backyard

bride looking at groom

bride and groom with their heads touching

bride and groom kissing

black and white portrait of bride and groom togehter

bride looking at camera

groom nuzzling bride

brides floral hoop

bride and groom kissing in leaves

bride and groom standing under tree

bridal floral hoop

bride holding onto grooms lapel

reception setup with name carved in log

quilt and pillows on ground

lilac arrangement on table

photos of couple with flower seeds

photo of man in front of lilacs

large spool table with flowers

flower arrangements

lilac bouquet

wedding cocktail hour

dogs sleeping on quilt

bride and groom looking at each other during first dane

bride and groom first dance

parent danes

black and white shot of bride dancing with her dad

giant jenga at wedding reception

best man and maid of honor toasts

best man and maid of honor hugging bride and groom

vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with lilacs

cupcakes topped with lilacs

bride and groom eating cupcakes

bride and groom kissing with cupcakes

bride playing with dogs

bride and groom standing at sunset with dog laying on skirt

bride and groom portrait with dog laying on skirt

bride and groom portrait bride holding skirt

bride and groom walking away

guests playing basketball at wedding reception

guests playing corn hole at wedding reception

bride laying with dog

wedding reception dancing guests

bride and bridesmaid dancing

VENUE: Private Residence // CATERING: Two Jakes Catering // CUPCAKES: Tami Kempf // DJ: Corey Birkbeck // BRIDE’S SKIRT: Etsy // BRIDE’S TOP: Amazon // BRIDE’S SNEAKERS: Awesome Sneakers

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