Springtime Country Family Photos | Ossipee, New Hampshire

May 30, 2019

One of the biggest blessings of my job is to be able to photograph families as they grow – and this one is no exception!! I photographed little Miss Sadie 2 years ago (HOW has it been that long!?), and now she’s got a chunky little baby sister (OMG THE ROLLS ????). I had SO much fun with this sweet little family even though we literally got eaten alive by the bugs. At some points all I could see looking through my lens was bugs. It was CRAZY!! We ended the session with a mini cake smash for Sophie’s first birthday…seriously, guys. Girlfriend went for the cupcake ????. They were total rockstars, and I couldn’t love the way their photos came out more!! You’re going to LOVE their photos!!

family standing under tree

dad holding little baby girl

family looking at each other under tree

little girl running through field

baby girl sitting in field

little girl kissing dad on head

black and white little girl with baby sister in field

little girl portrait

mom and little girl running through field

black and white photo of mom holding daughters

mom throwing baby in air

mom holding little girl

dad kissing baby girl on cheek

dad throwing baby in air

dad and little girl sticking their tongues out

family walking in field

black and white photo of little girl

man holding daughters twirling woman

little girl hugging moms legs

man and woman holding each other

family sitting on the ground in a field

little girl running around family

baby with a crown

baby eating a cupcake

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