Oceanfront Beach Proposal | Huntington Beach, California | Doug & Becca

December 4, 2017

Right around Halloween, Doug texted me that he was going to propose to my sister when I was visiting for Thanksgiving week!! First I asked if it was a joke and then I was ALL about photographing it. We started to immediately scheme how we were going to get her in front of the camera with Doug (I mean – girlfriend LOVES getting her photo taken).

A few weeks before I got out to California, I texted Becca to tell her that I had booked TONS of shoots and was going to be busy pretty much every afternoon (actually true), but that I had a super  quick shoot downtown on Tuesday afternoon if she wanted to come with me. I offered to take her out for a margarita after, and she quickly agreed. She’s accompanied me to shoots before, so it wasn’t such a huge surprise. The day before, I casually asked Doug if wanted to go (“it’s going to be SUCH a quick thing, guys!”) and he said he’d go for a margarita too.

We arrived down there because I needed to find the “perfect spot for my clients,” and I asked Becca to jump in front of the camera so I could find a good spot by the pier (I was actually freaking out because the sun was glaring off the water so badly). I texted my “clients” as to our exact location (actually Doug’s mom & sister), and then since I had a few minutes before “the session,” I asked Becca & Doug if they wanted a few photos together. He & I had already gone over his plan, so I shot a few frames and then paused to re-pose them, and Doug proposed.

GUYS, I cry at every wedding (apparently I do have a soul) but watching your little sister get engaged and then ugly cry everywhere is pretty much the most emotional thing. Have you ever cried and tried to photograph at the same time? It’s hard, y’all. I was so honored to be able to capture this for the two of them (thank you for waiting for me, Doug!!) & I know that it meant so much to my sister to have me there to photograph it. I love you two so much & I’m so happy for you!! xoxo

man proposing to woman on beach california

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