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December 15, 2017

Veronica & I met the week before we started high school in 2003. I was coming from a tiny private school to a huge public high school where I knew 4 people…out of 2000. We had an orientation the week before so we could figure out where our classes were and how to access our lockers (I think back to that orientation & remember how completely terrified I was!). They grouped us by last name & Veronica happened to be in my group. We realized that we both had 6th period Biology together (oh, the memories in that class ????) & she became the first friend I ever made at Edison.

Veronica was a constant addition at our dinner table through high school (my dad still calls her “little Veronica”) & since then, she’s gotten married & had the most adorable & squishy little boy! I seriously love this kid, guys. WAIT until you see his rolls & serious eyes! I absolutely love being able to photograph my friends from high school & was so honored to be able to capture this special time for Mike, Veronica & baby Jacob. xoxo

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