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Years ago when I was looking for my first camera bag, I stumbled upon a very small company called the House of Flynn. They had a super limited selection of bags, but they were absolutely gorgeous (and so far out of my price range that I just dreamt about them for literally years). As the company grew, I continued to stalk the bags online and finally joined a Facebook group for them (and purchased my first [new to me] bag). I was instantly HOOKED. I’m not saying this because I own 5 of their bags (#hofaddiction is real) but guys…if you’re looking for a sturdy, cute, spacious camera bag, or diaper bag, or purse…go check them out.

Last December I saw that HOF was going to host a photography workshop in Ireland. FREAKING IRELAND, Y’ALL. It has been the #1 country on my travel list since I was 7 years old. I took a screenshot of the post and sent it to JB saying, “OH MY GOSH THIS IS MY DREAM HOW COOL WOULD THIS BE!!!???” or something along those lines. The applications filled within an hour and I was so bummed that I’d missed out, but when I saw that they were still accepting backup applications, I sent one in thinking there was absolutely NO way that I’d ever get picked.

3 days later I got an email saying I’d been accepted into the workshop and I started to cry on our couch (one of those moments where JB just kind of looked at me not knowing what to do ????). 6 short months later, I was on a plane bound for a week with 18 women I’d never met. I’ll never be able to describe that week & how spectacular it was. Truly, there are no words for the laughter, tears, stories and pub crawls – and I’d never even try to find them!! The women that I met have become such a big part of my life (I just returned from 5 days in Portland with half of them!!) – we talk almost every day and I could never have imagined that a CAMERA BAG company would have brought us together this way.

I got SO many portraits and candids of the ladies from the trip, so I figured it would be easiest to just put them all in one big ole post. They’re located all over the country + Canada & if you ever need a photographer in their locations – call them.

KILLARNEY NATIONAL PARK (I literally got off of my plane and 3 hours later we were here!!)

girls in killarney national park ireland

girls walking in killarney national park

girls in killarney ireland


girl taking picture ireland

girls at corcomroe abbey ireland

girl on wall ireland


couple at cliffs of moher

girl on cliffs of moher

girl in yellow skirt on cliffs of moher

girl standing at cliffs of moher

couple at cliffs of moher black top

girl in maroon skirt on cliffs of moher

girl in pink skirt sitting at cliffs of moher

couple walking at cliffs of moher

girl in blue skirt on cliffs of moher

maroon skirt on cliffs of moher

girl sitting with backpack at cliffs of moher

girl sitting at cliffs of moher


girl with blue hair in galway ireland

girl in galway

girl standing in galway

girl standing in galway ireland


girl at ross castle

girl in emerald cape

girl with crown

girls standing with cameras

girl standing in water

girl modeling in kylemore abbey

girl holding camera

girl with blue hair holding camera

blonde girl holding camera

girl in pink shirt holding camera

girl with purple hair holding camera

girl sitting on rock

girl sitting on rock in water


girls at kylemore abbey ireland

girl in yellow skirt at kylemore abbey

girl at kylemore abbey

girl modeling in kylemore abbey

girl standing in garden of kylemore abbey

girl with purple skirt at kylemore abbey

girls with multicolored skirts at kylemore abbey

girl photographing women at kylemore abbey

girl sitting at kylemore abbey

girl standing at kylemore abbey

girl twirling in river

girl looking out at mountains

girls at kylemore


Alexandria Salmieri Photography // Iowa

Bethel Ann Photography // Pennsylvania

Brittany Lee Photography // Oklahoma

Sugar Peach Productions // South Carolina

Kaylin Welch Photography // Louisiana

Kelsi Klethiermes Photography // Missouri

Kelsi Grace Photography // Nebraska

Kristin Raynor Photography // California

Margeaux Boles Photography // Florida

Picture Marvelous Photography // Washington

Cedar Lane Weddings // Canada

Nichole Deacon Photography // California

Savannah Kate Photography // Louisiana

Rebel Boudoir Photography // Florida

Garnet Dahlia Photography // Pennsylvania

Virginia Gates Photography // North Carolina

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