2018 Shoot & Share Contest

April 16, 2018

Every year I enter photos into the Shoot & Share contest, sponsored by…you got it, Shoot & Share. It’s a contest that receives entries from all over the world & had more than 80 million votes cast just this year!! Crazy, right!? It’s a bracket based system with 25 categories that narrows down through 12 rounds, ultimately picking a grand prize winner. They also have places 1-20, Top 100 awards, Finalists, Top 10%, Top 20%, and Top 30% awards. This year, there were 413,000 photos entered ????!! Can you even imagine!?

Shoot and share contest statistics

I *love* voting during the contest…it is completely addicting & entire families get in on it!! You pick your favorite photo out of 4 & I’ve definitely gone an hour straight voting. This year, I had 2 finalist entries, 4 Top 10%, 2 Top 20%, and 7 Top 30%!! I was shocked when I saw my results since I only ever saw a handful of my images during the entire process!!

Shoot and Share contest

Here are my results:

Turkeys looking at wedding cake

Styled Wedding Shoot at The Stone Barn in Maine

Man proposing on beach

Doug & Becca’s Huntington Beach Proposal < (my little sister!!)

Groom crying during vows

Evan & Audrey’s Loon Lake Wedding

Couple on Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher Styled Shoot

Girl with hat at Cliffs of Moher

Kaylin Welch Photography looking like a BABE on the Cliffs of Moher

Couple sitting together on beach

Mike & Ashley’s Maudslay State Park Engagement Session

Portrait split in half

JB grew a beard and refused a haircut the month after he returned from deployment…this was the night before he went back to work!! It’s one of my favorite photos ever!

Bride and groom with wedding bouquet during snowstorm

Styled Wedding Shoot at The Stone Barn in Maine

Iceland ponies grazing

Icelandic Ponies in Southern Iceland

Groom's wedding details

Tanner & Kelsey’s Vermont Wedding

Couple walking on top of mountain

Brad & Vicky’s Foss Mountain Engagement Session

Couple on mountain with sun

Tyler & Abby’s Foss Mountain Engagement Session

Couple on top of mountain at sunset

Brad & Vicky’s Foss Mountain Engagement Session

Apparently, Foss Mountain was super popular this year!!

Woman twirling in field

Doug & Becca’s Couples Session

Bride and groom under veil

Tanner & Kelsey’s Vermont Wedding

I am so thrilled about my results from this year & can’t wait for next year!!

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