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November 21, 2019

I know that I’ve said this a million times but I’ll never stop – being able to document my friends growing families is the BEST part of my job. One of my favorite sessions of all time was my best girls maternity session (you’re going to want to click on that link)…and now her little baby bump has turned into a joyful, bouncy toddler who loves to run around. I was SO excited that I was going to be able to capture their family photos when I was in California, especially since the last time I saw Brandon, he had just started to walk! Now he just GOES and doesn’t stop ????. He absolutely LOVED running through the park and digging in the dirt (he calls everything “guck,” so imagine just hearing that over and over as he pointed to everything). I LOVE these people & think that it’s such a gift to watch them grow as a family!!!

Mom dad and little boy standing in trees together

Mom and dad and little boy snuggling together

Mom dad and little boy standing together

Little boy running towards camera

Mom and dad swinging little boy between them

Mom dad and little boy sitting on log

Dad throwing little boy in the air while mom watches

Little boy laughing at the camera









Little boy laughing as his mom tickles him

Mom and dad and little boy snuggled together

Man and woman standing together with little boy on man's shoulders

Little boy snuggled with his mom

Mom and dad kissing with little boy on dad's shoulders

Little boy on top of dads shoulders

Little boy standing in middle of trees

Black and white photo of mother hugging little boy

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