Rainy Couples Photos at Government Cove | Portland, Oregon | Gavin & Lauren

December 3, 2018

The thing about traveling with a bunch of photographers is that there is literally a shoot EVERY MINUTE of every day – which let’s be honest, I freaking love. When we went to Portland last Spring, we shot 4 (5? who knows) sessions pretty much back to back and we woke up at dawn to pack our cars to make the trek to Government Cove. It was POURING – I mean literal downpours during the drive and it didn’t let up. I was so sad that it was so rainy because it was such an incredible location that I can only imagine what it looks like with a little bit of sunshine! (For reference, Government Cove is about an hour outside of Portland, Oregon – by Multnomah Falls & it was in the area of the state that burned last year). Gavin & Lauren were not only amazing because they completely rocked the session while they were drenched to the bone, but they’d arrived home the night before from Paris & we never would have known otherwise! They danced around in the ran and were the actual cutest – if you don’t believe me, just wait & see!!

couple at government cove oregon

couple walking together in rain oregon

couple with umbrella government cove oregon

couple standing together government cove oregon

couple hugging in the rain government cove oregon

couple kissing government cove oregon

government cove couples session oregon

oregon couples session

couple laughing in rain government cove oregon

oregon couples session

black and white portrait government cove oregon

government cove couples session

couple snuggling in rain oregon

black and white couples portrait oregon

couple together in government cove oregon

government cove couple

couple together on mountaintop oregon

couple walking to cliff oregon

man lifting woman oregon

couple kissing in rain oregon

couple kissing oregon


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