Oceanside Couples Photos | Playa Del Carmen, Mexico | Michael & Kristin

July 24, 2018

You know when you meet certain people and you just *know* that they’re going to be a part of your life forever? My Ireland girls are some of those people. When I traveled to Mexico at the beginning of July, almost all of the girls were able to go and a few brought their husbands too! Kristin’s husband Michael was so easy going & fit in with all of us (and tolerated us for a week ???? #bless). They were married last fall & I was stoked to do a (very mini) session with them on the beach in Playa del Carmen. That water, those tones & her skirt were the perfect combination (plus they’re adorable, so DUH). They live in California & I cannot WAIT to photograph them again in the Spring!! Kristin & Michael, you two are precious & I loved being able to capture a quick shoot for you!

Photos are a mix of digital & Fuji 400 film on Mamiya 645, developed by The FIND Lab.

couple on mexican beach

couple standing together playa del carmen

playa del carmen mexico couple

husband and wife in mexico

husband and wife in playa del carmen mexico

couple looking at each other in mexico

black and white portrait of couple in mexico

couple laughing in playa del carmen mexico

black and white portrait in mexico

couple in mexico playa del carmen

couple in mexico with flowered skirt

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