Jean Dry Lake Bed Shoot | Las Vegas, Nevada | Tiffany

March 26, 2018

If you’ve never visited Vegas in the winter…well, it’s actually cold. We pulled this last minute styled shoot together the night before & then braved the 40 degree temps, winds & driving rain to shoot for 15 minutes at the Jean Dry Lake Bed just outside of the city. After driving down a sketchy non existent road & hoping that we wouldn’t get stuck in a random flood, we shot our hearts out as quickly as possible with our friend Tiffany as our incredible model (I don’t know if she’s ever been that cold!). Someday I’d like to go back when it’s actually sunny & warm (it’s a gorgeous area!!)…but for now, this will do!!

When your friends are photographers, it means that you’re six degrees away from modeling at any given time. On top of that – it’s usually for a random, thrown together styled shoot. Luckily, Tiffany is a total boss lady & absolutely rocked it! I think that the hallmark of creativity is to be able to look at something & know that you can turn it into something beautiful. Kristin brought the black skirt and I found the crop top the day before & we quickly threw it all together the morning of the shoot. I could tell you that we’d had this planned for weeks – but sometimes, spontaneity is the best thing in the world.

These are a mix of digital & film shot on a Mamiya 645 with an 80 mm lens, Fuji 400 film, developed & scanned by The FINDLab.

Girl with purple hair in desert

Girl in black skirt in desert

Girl with purple hair and flowy black skirt in desert

Model with purple hair and black skirt

Model with black skirt in desert

Girl with floral top and black skirt in desert

Film shot of girl modeling in the desert with black skirt

Girl twirling with black skirt

Girl modeling in the desert

Girl modeling for styled shoot in desert

Girl with purple hair modeling for styled shoot

Model with purple and blue hair

Girl modeling for styled shoot in Las Vegas desert

Model in desert with purple hair

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