Neon Portraits at Night on Film | Las Vegas, Nevada

April 3, 2018

How long do you think that I can milk these Vegas posts? I promise, this is my last one!! We ventured out a few nights to shoot portraits with the neon signs (because Vegas, duh) & I strictly used my film camera for these shoots! Shooting film pushes me SO far out of my comfort zone! There’s (obviously) no way to check the back of the camera, but I was THRILLED to get my scans back. Neon looks SO much better than I could have imagined on film!

I photographed the first set at the Linq Promenade. We stayed at The Linq and the Promenade was right next to it & full of cute shops & tons of restaurants. I would HIGHLY recommend staying there! It’s a relatively new hotel and the rooms were so comfortable & modern. I absolutely LOVED having the ability to walk down to the Promenade for a quick drink or dinner (plus it was one of the best lit and safest areas we were in!). We shot the second set literally 2 hours before I needed to be at the airport to head home. We headed downtown into Old Vegas & went to the Fremont Street experience for the second set (did you know that you could zipline through it? I didn’t. Don’t sign me up for it.). The neon lights were EVERYWHERE & I’m so excited over how these portraits came out!!

Shot on a Mamiya 645, Fuji 400H film, developed & scanned by The FINDLab.

Las Vegas soap shop

Fluorescent neon bubble light and night portrait

Girl portrait with fluorescent sign and High Roller ferris wheel at Linq Promenade

The Linq High Roller ferris wheel Las Vegas Nevada

Night portrait in front of neon Vegas sign

The Linq Promenade with High Roller ferris wheel in background

Girl portrait at night with twinkly lights








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