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April 8, 2019

We chose to get married in late February & the best part of the whole thing was all my family & friends flying to the East Coast to experience a New Hampshire winter ????. Most of them had never seen *that* much snow before (when my sister came to visit in January she stood out in a snowstorm looking at the snowflakes) so we all went out into it before we headed to the venue. My best friend flew in from Vegas with her 7 month old son who had NEVER seen snow before so YOU KNOW that we had to stick him in it. He didn’t seem to be a fan but we all cracked up when he accidentally leaned back too far and ended up laying like a turtle in the snow with his arms and legs straight up in the air.

It was so much fun to just tromp around in the snow for a little bit (we never do it because it’s not a novelty to us) – but I loved all the photos that came out of it!! PS: how cute are those Harry Potter shirts? I absolutely LOVE them (because obviously #HPforever).

baby laying down in snow

baby in red snowsuit and gray hat

black and white photo of baby getting held by mom

baby thrown in air by mom

mom kissing baby on cheek

baby looking at camera

baby in red snow suit smiling

baby laying in snow

couple standing in snow

women in harry potter t-shirts in snow

man holding baby in red snow suit

man holding woman in snow

women laughing in snow

man and woman standing in the snow

woman walking in snow

man laughing in the snow with furry hat

woman holding baby on front porch

woman walking in the snow

woman standing in snow with falling snow

man holding shovel in snow

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