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January 30, 2020

Our tiny, sweet little 18 pound puppy is officially a 60 pound ONE YEAR OLD!!! While I want to cry because I can’t believe he’s already a year old, I love that he’s still sweet and cuddly but a little sassy and hilarious at the same time. He was a tiny little nugget with the chubbiest belly the first time we saw him, and it’s been amazing to watch him shoot up so quickly and become a lean and enormous dog. He’s become a funny & protective teenager who sometimes has selective hearing and acts like he’s never been fed every time he eats ????.

Jimmy LOVES to walk in the mornings, is 100% obsessed with the snow (especially if it’s the very light and fluffy kind), and despises bath time. Every afternoon he has a meeting with the puppy in the oven door and every afternoon he still doesn’t understand why the puppy doesn’t bark back at him. Two weeks ago he discovered that we have some very terrifying ceiling fans that we’ve clearly never had or used before (????????‍♀️) and he’s still forgetting that they exist, so every few days we hear him growling at them. Jimmy absolutely loves to go to the dog park in the afternoon, and GOD FORBID you lose track of time – he will run to the door and grab his leash to remind you. He came from the humane society with a stuffed teddy bear named Charlie (he makes a lot of appearances in these photos), and was his security blanket for quite a few months. He never went to sleep without Charlie at night ???? and poor Charlie has lost an ear, a tail and had his head sewn up a few times.

Jimmy absolutely loves to hike, & at 6 months old my sister and I took him up Mt. Major which is about a 4 hour hike – he collapsed in the back of the car and slept for the rest of the day ????. When he walks in the snow, he prefers to go off trail and snowplow through the fresh piles, even if it means that he falls through to his chest. He’s still unsure about the lake, and will jump in if he’s on a walk, but willingly refuses ????????‍♀️. That definitely hasn’t stopped us from sticking him in a life jacket and bringing him in. He loves to nap in the sun (ESPECIALLY in the summer on the back deck!), and also brings lots of drama to the table. Jimmy prefers to have noisy yawns, vocalize his displeasure of Justin Bieber, and will LET YOU KNOW if he’s knocked a tennis ball under a piece of furniture.

Jimmy has zero sense of personal space and will climb into your lap as soon as you sit on the floor, open the bathroom door if you forget to latch it, and stand on top of you in the mornings. He loves to snuggle and chase tennis balls, and brings SO much joy and laughter to our lives. Rescuing him was the best thing that we’ve ever done & we can’t even begin to imagine our lives without him. Happy first birthday, Jimmy!! (Also yes – 99% of these photos are iPhone, and yes – 99% of the photos on my phone are of him sleeping).

  1. Amy Swanick says:

    Oh my goodness!! I love each and every one them!! Such great photos and wonderful meMories ❤️

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