Outdoor Summer Family Photos | Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

August 13, 2019

I met the Geraghty family on a perfect summer day in Wolfeboro. They’d never had family photos taken and you’d honestly never know!! They were the cutest little group and brought their sweet pup Stella (hi, more dogs at sessions, please!!). I truly love being able to capture young families like theirs while their littles are STILL little – they’re snuggly, chubby, and easily entertained. We had so much fun walking along the water in the sun.

One of my biggest tips for family sessions with young kids is to bring bribes – they can be snacks, toys, or treats (M&M’s are perfect!). Baby J went HAM on his puffs and couldn’t be happier to take a photo for one (or a handful ????). The puffs container made it into a bunch of the photos too – hey, whatever works!!

They were such a blast to work with and I love looking at the sweet times that I was able to capture for them!!

Dad throwing baby boy in the air

Young family walking on trail with baby boy and puppy

Mom in blue dress helping baby boy with his shoe

Little boy standing in middle of trail in blue checkered overalls

Family standing in field with baby boy and dog

Dad holding baby boy up in the air with Mom standing behind him

Man and woman sitting with dog in field in Wolfeboro

Young family sitting in a field

Mom & Dad sitting snuggling baby boy

Man and woman standing in field looking at each other

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