Winter Engagement Photos | Sabbaday Falls, New Hampshire | Brad & Erica

February 11, 2019

What better way to practice for your winter wedding than getting your engagement photos taken on what was basically the COLDEST DAY OF THE YEAR!? Brad & Erica were so amazing and absolutely rocked their session, despite the fact that the temperature was hovering right around 3 degrees the whole time.

I’ve known Brad since he was about 14 when he would come in to the ambulance with his dad (who was my boss at the time & also JB’s cousin!), and I remember when he got old enough to ride along with us on calls – I photographed his senior pictures and now he’s getting married! I literally can’t believe how fast time can fly. Erica is the absolute sweetest & even more of a trooper, because while Brad enjoys wearing shorts in the winter, Erica is from the South (we warm weather girls have to stick together). She handled that cold like a BOSS.

They brought their sweet pup Pearl along (who was SO EXCITED about all the snow), and we hiked around Sabbaday Falls. It had recently rained so the waterfall was running strong, and the icicles were perfectly sparkly. Brad & Erica, thank you SO much for being rockstars & having so much fun in the process!! I can’t wait until your wedding!!

snowy couple with dog

couple holding dog snow sabbaday falls

couple kissing in snow with dog

couple kissing in the snow

engagement ring in snow

couple with black dog in snow

couple falling with dog

couple in snowy woods

couple kissing diamond ring snow

couple kissing snow sabbaday falls

couple walking with dog in snow

black dog in snow

diamond ring in snow

black dog with couple in snow

black dog snow

couple holding dog in snow

sabbaday falls engagement photos

couple in woods snow

man kissing womans forehead

couple in snow falls

couple laughing snow

couple at river sabbaday falls

couple kissing in woods

man kissing woman head snow

man nuzzling woman

diamond ring icicle

man and woman in front of icicles

man and woman kissing in front of icicles

man and woman waterfall

man and woman icicles

diamond ring wateralls

man and woman together snow

engagement ring on icicle

man and woman kissing in trees

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