Couples Photos in Powell’s Bookstore | Portland, Oregon | Kevin & Lauren

August 6, 2018

Being able to visit Powell’s Bookstore in Portland was one of the top 5 moments in life for me. No, seriously! I have been literally obsessed with reading since I was little (my parents would have to kick me out of the house to go play outside in the summer) and I cannot go into a bookstore unsupervised, because I will spend far too much money & come out with too many books. Powell’s was a literal treasure trove for me and I could have spent hours just wandering around the stacks. We met Kevin & Lauren there for the sweetest couple’s session and then we all trekked over to Cartlandia (a food truck haven) for a few sweet shots!

Photos are a mix of digital & Fuji 400 film on a Mamiya 645 and developed by The FIND Lab.

powells bookstore oregon

couple at powells bookstore portland oregon

couple laughing in bookstore portland oregon

couple holding each other portland oregon

couple sitting on bookshelf powells bookstore portland oregon

couple reading portland oregon

couple kissing portland oregon

engagement ring portland oregon

couple sitting in powells bookstore portland oregon

black and white portrait couple bookstore oregon

couple laughing together powells portland oregon

engagement ring typewriter keys

couple smiling at each other portland oregon

engagement ring at powells bookstore portland oregon

engagement ring on books

engagement ring on typewriter

couple sitting together cartlandia oregon

couple laughing cartlandia oregon

couple cartlandia portland oregon

couple holding each other portland oregon

couple laughing and walking oregon

cartlandia portland oregon

couple laughing woman with hat

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