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I realize that it’s April & it was 70 degrees yesterday, but I realized that I never blogged these gorgeous film shots that I took in January!! I needed to finish up a roll of film from California, & it had snowed overnight. I got home from work & grabbed my camera & drove over […]

Winter in New Hampshire | On Film

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Last year, I entered photos on a whim in the Shoot & Share contest. So, when it rolled around again this year, I thought “why not?” and entered as many as I could. While I didn’t place any in the top 100, this year they had over 225,000 entries!! How crazy is that!? I was so […]

Shoot & Share Contest 2016

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It’s been a year & a day since we lost my Gramp. Last year, I wrote a blog post and I said, “I realize what a gift it is that my grandfather is still around and kicking (and sassy!) at 88. He is such a sweet man & if I was given the option to hang out […]

A Year & A Day

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We went to California over Christmas & I took my film camera with me (best camera ever!). I shot a few rolls of film (sadly one didn’t make it), but I love how these came out! We spent JB’s last day wandering around Balboa Island & taking a booze cruise on my Dad’s sailboat to watch […]

Huntington Beach, California on Film

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that we went to California for the holidays!! There’s no better place to escape to when the weather turns chilly…although it was actually warmer in NH on Christmas Eve that it was in Southern California (#elniño). Here’s a quick recap of our trip via iPhone pictures; my […]

California via iPhone.

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I kicked off my month of traveling in December with a quick weekend to Delaware, and then proceeded onto NYC for a super quick girls weekend! We drove down (oh the places you’ll drive to when you live in the Northeast!), got caught in traffic, laughed our faces off, bounced off the walls, & sang […]

I Love New York.

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I started taking pictures when I was little…like LITTLE. My mom had a film Canon Rebel that my sister and I learned how to shoot on, and the day that we would get our prints back was the BEST DAY EVER. I remember piling onto the couch with my parents & sister and poring over […]

Back to Film

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Four months ago, my darling and sassy Gramp passed away. He was one of the most important men in my life – I grew up with him every summer, all summer long. We would count down the days until we got to come back to New Hampshire to see him. That man was patient – he […]

Gramp | Personal



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