Why Should I Do an Engagement Session? | For Couples

June 30, 2020

The number one thing that I get asked by potential couples is, “do you include an engagement session in your packages?”

Bride and groom walking in city garden

Man and woman sitting on the sand at sunset

The answer is YES!! I think that engagement sessions are literally one of the most important parts of the package for a few reasons –

-they help to get you and your fiancé comfortable in front of the camera,
-we get to interact before your wedding day and get to know each other more,
-you’re only engaged ONCE!! It’s such a fun and special time that you need documented,
-you’ll have a feel for posing when your wedding day rolls around, so if your timeline gets away from us you’ll be able to NAIL your wedding day portraits!!

Man lifting woman into the air at sunset in the woods

Man snuggling woman at sunset

A lot of people don’t think that an engagement session is an important part of their wedding but it is, not only for the practice that you’re going to get but to remember the FEELING of being engaged. I look at our photos constantly and remember exactly how I felt during our engagement. We were only engaged for 8 months and it felt like NOTHING because the time flew by. I remember being so excited to get married and imagining our wedding day constantly. If you know me, you know that I’m not someone who *dreamed* about their wedding day since they were little, and truly, I detested wedding planning. However, I absolutely LOVED the excitement of counting down the months to our wedding day. I want you to remember how that excitement felt years down the road when you look at your engagement photos.

Man and woman kissing on Acorn Street in Boston

Mn and woman sitting together on beach during fall colors

Sure, you’ll have photos for your save the dates and your wedding website, but you’ll have those memories FOREVER. One day when your kids ask you about the photos of you running up a mountain together or splashing in a lake, you’ll be instantly transported back to the carefree days when you were engaged and dreaming about your lives together. Believe me, it’s worth it!!


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