Why a Wedding Album is Important | For Couples

September 26, 2019

To me, one of the most important things that you’re going to get out of your wedding (I mean – other than your SPOUSE!!) is your wedding album. So many people don’t think that physical albums are as important in this digital age, but let me tell you…a wedding album is one of my favorite things to flip through. There’s just something about holding your photos in your hand and being able to touch the pages. If THIS doesn’t convince you that you need a wedding album, maybe this will.

old leatherbound wedding album

I remember as a little girl sitting on the living room floor and going through my parents wedding album over and over. They just celebrated 32 years of marriage, so they’ve got one of those “old school” (????)  wedding albums where their prints are held in the pages. Truly nothing can beat the feeling of the pages in your hands. I can *feel* the leather binding and absolutely love to still look through it – especially now that I’m a photographer and I can fully appreciate the work that went into shooting a wedding entirely on film.

I’ve had a lot of brides ask me over the years why they should order an album. It’s because in 2019, we’re more likely to have an album of photos on our phones than in our hands. It’s because some day, your kids are going to want to flip through their parents wedding photos. It’s because being able to look back on your wedding day after day is such a gift.

I truly want every aspect of your wedding photography to be perfect – and that includes AFTER your wedding. I want you to always be able to look back on your wedding day and feel the way you did that day. I want you to be able to run your fingers over the binding in the book and remember the butterflies that you had when you walked down the aisle with your dad, & the happiness you felt when you danced with your spouse.

Being able to physically hold your memories is SO much better than scrolling through them on your phone or your computer – I promise. At the end of the day, your wedding cake gets thrown away, your flowers wilt & your dress gets hung in the closet. The only thing left from your wedding day is your collection of photos, & to be able to tangibly hold those photos is a gift!!

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