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I’m not someone with a ton of clothes – at all. My husband has most of our closet space (although I definitely beat him in how many pairs of shoes I own). I used to have a ton of clothes but when I realized that I only wore certain ones the most & preferred certain colors and styles, I purged my wardrobe. I prefer to have a few nice pieces that are quality and timeless & that I feel comfortable in, because when you’re comfortable in your clothes, it shows.

Couples snuggled together

Couple snuggled together at sunset

Couple standing in field while it's raining

Similarly, when you’re picking your engagement session outfit, you want to be sure that it’s something that you’re comfortable in and you FEEL good in. It absolutely comes across when you’re in something that’s feels strange to you. You’re going to have these photos for the rest of your life, so you want to make sure that you’re also wearing something that you won’t regret.

Man and woman standing together in a field

Man picking woman up

Man and woman standing together in front of covered bridge

There are the basic rules when it comes to choosing your outfits – no fluorescents, no overly bright colors, no small checked patterns, etc. Don’t wear green if you’re outdoors in an overly lush area, don’t wear anything with a logo…but there are other considerations too!! If you hired your photographer because their photos are bright and airy, you don’t want to wear dark clothes – and likewise, if you hired a moody and dark photographer, you’ll probably want to gravitate towards darker colors.

Couple standing on top of mountain in the spring

Couple snuggled together on the beach at sunset

If you’re unsure about what colors to wear, I suggest khaki, light gray, light blue and more pastel colors for the guys! For the ladies, light pinks, blues & greens are perfect – and occasionally a pop of color is fantastic. I always recommend accessories (especially in the fall and winter – ie: scarves, shawls, jackets) and layers are amazing too for the fall and winter! I’m always willing to help my couples with outfit choices & I love seeing what they come up with!

Couple standing together on a beach in the summer

Man and woman kissing standing in the water

Woman laughing at the camera

Pinterest is going to be your best friend when it comes to ideas for color coordination – in fact, I have a Pinterest board here with tons of outfit inspiration!! Speaking of color coordination, you want to make sure that you don’t match but that your colors complement each other well (and your surroundings!!). It seems like an easy thing but it can be tricky! I’ve got a few dresses in my client closet that are available for sessions, and can’t wait to see your outfits!!

Couple standing on top of a mountain in the spring outfit inspiration

Couple walking in front of a tree at sunset

Man and woman standing together on rocks in the middle of a river

Couple walking with their dog at sunset

Man and woman sitting on steps in light colored outfits inspiration

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