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January 31, 2019

wedding invitations pearl necklace

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One of my favorite parts of the wedding day (ok, honestly they’re all my favorite) – is shooting the wedding details!! It’s how I warm up for the whole day, and it’s just SO much fun to play with all of the pretty things!! I’ve been keeping a little pile of things to be used in *our* detail photos and I know that a lot of other brides do the same thing.

wedding rings with wedding invitation

wedding dress hanging by lake

wedding invitation with jewelry and rings

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When I chat with my brides before the wedding, I always advise them to keep all the details they want photographed together, so after I show up and give them a hug, I can then jump right into work! Here’s an idea of things that I recommend you have:

-Your dress, veil/headpiece, and shoes,
-Your invitation suite (you’ve spent so much time and energy on your invitations, and you really don’t want to forget a shot of them!),
-All the rings (I always promise the best man that they’ll have them back in time for the ceremony!!),
-Any jewelry you might be wearing on your wedding day,
-A bridesmaids dress (if you look at a lot of my wedding posts, you’ll see that the details always have a coordinating background – that’s a dress!),
-Anything special you want photographed (this can be your grandmother’s earrings, your mom’s handkerchief – anything that holds a memory for you!),
-And I always love to ask if your florist can hold a few stems back for me!!

wedding dress hanging on painting

wedding invitation and rings

wedding details floral shoes wedding invitation

wedding invitation wedding jewelry pink dress

I like to spend about 30 minutes styling these photos, and it’s a great way for me to get my creative juices flowing for the day – plus, you’ll end up with beautiful photos at the end of it :). One day, you (or your future daughter!) will look back at these photos and marvel at all the little details that you pulled together for your wedding – and who knows, maybe she’ll see something in the photos that she wants for her own wedding!!

wedding rings pearls

striped wedding invitation and jewlery

wedding rings beaded purse

cape cod wedding invitations

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