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If you’ve been reading this blog for long enough, you’ll know that every year I swear that I’ve had the best couples ever…auntil the next year rolls around and I’m all, “SQUIRREL!” and I’m dying over those sessions, and so the hamster wheel keeps turning. But I digress. This year, I had some of the […]

Best of 2018: Couples & Engagements

man and woman standing california

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The thing about traveling with a bunch of photographers is that there is literally a shoot EVERY MINUTE of every day – which let’s be honest, I freaking love. When we went to Portland last Spring, we shot 4 (5? who knows) sessions pretty much back to back and we woke up at dawn to […]

Rainy Couples Photos at Government Cove | Portland, Oregon | Gavin & Lauren

couple walking together in rain oregon

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Last winter during one of our many daily group chats, one of the Ireland girls threw out the idea of a traveling dress project. We all immediately jumped on board because – uh, why not? And thus, the HOF Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress project was born. It’s still not done (but check out the #hofsisterhoodofthetravelingdress […]

Mountaintop Styled Shoot | Eaton, New Hampshire | Janey

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Being able to visit Powell’s Bookstore in Portland was one of the top 5 moments in life for me. No, seriously! I have been literally obsessed with reading since I was little (my parents would have to kick me out of the house to go play outside in the summer) and I cannot go into […]

Couples Photos in Powell’s Bookstore | Portland, Oregon | Kevin & Lauren

couple powells bookstore portland oregon

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Last April, when we traveled to Oregon, our last stop was in Cannon Beach, Oregon. It was absolutely GORGEOUS (I mean…I’d totally retire there & it’s on my list to travel to again!). The rain rolled in during our shoot but our couples were so amazing and rocked their sessions! Haystack Rock beach is one […]

Oceanside Couples Photos at Haystack Rock | Cannon Beach, Oregon | Christian & Lindsey

couple cannon beach oregon

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Every year I enter photos into the Shoot & Share contest, sponsored by…you got it, Shoot & Share. It’s a contest that receives entries from all over the world & had more than 80 million votes cast just this year!! Crazy, right!? It’s a bracket based system with 25 categories that narrows down through 12 […]

2018 Shoot & Share Contest

Girl with hat at Cliffs of Moher

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The forests in Ireland are full of magic & mystery – and they’re the perfect place for an elopement. When you can hear the rain drum all around you but you’re covered by a thick canopy of leaves, it’s the most calming feeling. The waterfalls bubble over the rocks and the moss covered logs are […]

Intimate Summer Elopement at Connemara National Park | Connemara, Ireland

wedding couple with long veil standing in front of waterfall

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If you’ve never visited Vegas in the winter…well, it’s actually cold. We pulled this last minute styled shoot together the night before & then braved the 40 degree temps, winds & driving rain to shoot for 15 minutes at the Jean Dry Lake Bed just outside of the city. After driving down a sketchy non […]

Jean Dry Lake Bed Shoot | Las Vegas, Nevada | Tiffany



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