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This year was one of my favorites when it came to families!! I got to hang out with some incredible people (SO many were people I already knew!! High school friends!! Family!! Bridesmaids from 2017 weddings!!) & I know that I say it alllllll the time, but I have the BEST job in the world […]

Best of 2017: Family Lifestyle Edition

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Veronica & I met the week before we started high school in 2003. I was coming from a tiny private school to a huge public high school where I knew 4 people…out of 2000. We had an orientation the week before so we could figure out where our classes were and how to access our […]

In Home Lifestyle Photos | Corona, California | Jacob

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You guys, I couldn’t adore this family more. I know I say that in almost every blog post I’ve ever written about them but it’s so true. Becky & big sister Chelsea lived back east when Daddy was deployed, & since then, they’ve moved back to Massachusetts & added a new baby to the mix!! […]

Winter Newborn Lifestyle Session | Meredith, New Hampshire | Sydney

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Time is just flying by, because Mr. J is already 9 months old!! I can’t believe it. I just adore this little man! He is so hilarious & curious and army crawls like nobody’s business! He LOVES his big brothers & looks just like his uncle. He’s so inquisitive and has the most infectious laugh […]

Baby J | Wolfeboro, NH | 9 Month Old Portraits

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Y’all. My little nugget Baby J is 6 months old! Can you believe it? I got to hang out with him last weekend, and I had SO much fun. He’s just the most precious, happy, drooly, giggly muffin that ever was. Think I’m joking? I shot for over an hour, making funny faces at him […]

Baby J | Wolfeboro, NH | 6 Month Old Portraits

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I can’t believe that 2013 is already over!! I know that I’m going to be writing 2013 for the next few weeks, though! Here are a few of my favorite moments from this year! Cory & Kathy Tim & Christina Nick & Aimee’s Engagement Nick & Aimee’s Wedding C&G Baby J Kyle & Erika Pettengill […]

2013 | Review

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Remember these maternity pictures? Well, last weekend, I got to snuggle take pictures of the boyfriend’s brand new nephew. He is such a gorgeous little nugget! Born with a full head of dark hair and blue eyes like his uncle, I can’t wait to watch this little man grow up! He did great for me […]

Wolfeboro, NH Newborn Photos | Baby J



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