Are you a photographer who's just starting out and struggling to juggle all of the tasks demanded by being the sole owner of a business? Are you trying to level up with your organization and productivity?

I'm here to help you organize your business and make your life significantly easier by implementing systems!

productivity coaching

My goal is to teach you tools to help you work around your life, not live around your work. 


A personalized 1:1 coaching opportunity to help expand your businesses limits. We’ll start with a call to discuss what your biggest issues are in your business, and I’ll create a 6-week program tailored to your needs - from creating a routine to teaching you how to implement administrative tasks in a timely manner.

the full

“Your class has taught me how to optimize my time, stay on top of things, and be more productive in my photography business. I'm forever grateful for your guidance and inspiration."

-Emily Sawchuck photography


Are you looking for something a little lighter? We can create a 3-week coaching program for you based on what your pain points are. 

Each program follows an outline of what the neccessary steps are to boost your productivity, but each business is different and as such, each program will be custom to your needs.

the half

"One of the standout features of Caitlin's coaching was its ability to infuse fun into productivity. The class was a perfect blend of insightful content and interactive activities, creating an atmosphere that was not only conducive to learning but genuinely enjoyable."

-tayla rice photography


- Help with business organization
- Create structure and schedule
- Implement organizational and productivity techniques
- Teach you to use downtime to utilize and create workflows
- Create custom plans for your business

what can a coach do?

"The blend of information, education, intentionality, and fun is a winning mix that guarantees remarkable results."

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If you're looking to level up your productivity game or begin from scratch, let's chat! 

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